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Chin Dig -
\chin\ \dig\ - The act of moving one's chin (and usually the rest of the head) repetitively to the groove of a musical piece or act.
When Josh, Scott and Bob jammed together for the first time, not only was a wild thunderstorm going on outside the rehearsal room, there was one brewing inside as well.

With three very diverse musical interests, Chin Dig does not categorize itself, other than to say we play some type of rock. With songs like What I'm Gonna Do Now, we show our strong roots in rock music.  But songs like The Middle of Nowhere show off the country influence. And then there are songs like Your Friend is Gone. We have NO idea where that came from!

This wide range of influences came together, mixed around, mellowed only a little, and produced the unique sound of Chin Dig.

We are currently looking for gigs.  If you know of an opening at a venue, or have a need for a band, please let us know. We put on a great show!