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Chin Dig would like to express its gratitude to the venues and events on our Shows Page as well as to the following individuals, groups and companies for their continued support of our little band and its music!

Special Thanks To:  The Significant Others, Mangum Studios & Reach Around Records


Regular Thanks To:

Open Mic Mayhem

Ronny Ray Gun

Lance Boyle

Raw Blow

Amanda Fish

Claire Buoyant

Beau Dwyer

Mei Lajors

9 Inch Snails

Wella Ware

The Watchapatchin Indians

Mum Dad Bang

Noah Makeezer

Powers “Toll” Booth

Slate Kleen

Peter Sterling

Simone Cumberland

Dustin, Justin and Preston Taint, the triplets

Tadd Dimmer

Sheila Package

Connie Sewer

Sue Cervasa

Joan Singh

Ophelia Payne

Kari McGeer

Harry Cans

Willie B. Holden

Helen Back

Kasey Diaz

Phil Manuts

Frank N. Stump

Sergeant Lethargic

Vlad Ikodhepski

& The Flaccid Stallions


** If Chin Dig has left anyone off this list, we have either been too lazy or too busy to update the list, have forgotten about you completely, or have judged your contribution to be so minimal that it's not worthy of note.  You may file a grievance with us at ChinDigBand@yahoo.com  **